CDOT Unveils Human Cheese Grater to Remind Motorcyclists to Wear Helmets and other gear

Traffic Safety Pulse News

On Tuesday, July 21st CDOT and Colorado State Patrol (CSP) unveiled a new eye-catching tactic to remind motorcyclists to wear helmets and other protective gear. The “Human Cheese Grater” is a paint stencil located at numerous motorcycle vendor partners throughout the state and aims to remind motorcyclists that falling on asphalt at any speed can result in serious bodily injury or death. The message driven home at the press event is that protective gear is imperative to protecting the rider from injury, preventing fatalities and getting everyone home safely. Proper gear includes boots that cover the ankles, riding pants and jacket, gloves, eye protection and a helmet. In addition to wearing proper gear, CDOT urges motorcyclists to:

Receive professional training.

All motorcyclists should receive professional training. Long time riders should go to training classes for a refresher every few years.

Follow all traffic laws.

All motorcyclists are required to follow the rules of the road. In Colorado, lane splitting is illegal.

Ride sober.

Even one drink can decrease reaction times, coordination, vision, judgement and concentration, all of which are crucial when operating a motorcycle.

This year’s campaign resulted in 25 media placements and more than 2 million impressions.