Are you a car seat expert?

News Release

The Car Seats Colorado program recently created a series of short videos to post on Facebook and YouTube that are also available to traffic safety partners from throughout Colorado to promote car seat safety. Parents are constantly getting advice on how to best raise their kids — some good, some bad. But when it comes to child passenger safety and car seats, you should "always listen to the experts at Car Seats Colorado."

Babies don’t come with instructions, but your infant car seat does. Any parent knows it’s not a simple process, so take the time to keep your child safe through correct model, size, fit and installation.

From infant to toddler, kids grow up fast and the car seat progression happens quickly. To keep your baby safe in a crash, proper car seat fit and installation are key.

Booster seats keep your child safe in a crash. Make sure you’re not making the transition to a seat belt too quickly. Also, it’s the law. Any child in Colorado is required to be properly secured in a child restraint system, such as a booster seat, according to the manufacturer's instructions, up to age 8. 

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