Click It or Ticket launches new creative campaign with summer enforcement

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A Common Bond, Electric vehicle or SUV, We're ALL behind seat belts

The Click It or Ticket summer enforcement period, which ran from July 12-19, also marks the launch of CDOT’s latest seat belt safety campaign, Common Bond. With a variety of light-hearted, contrasting images regarding music taste, vehicle preference and which team mascot you may root for, the campaign emphasizes that even though Coloradans may not agree on everything, we can all get behind seat belts. We can hold onto our passionate opinions, but a unifying factor is our choice to buckle up for our own safety and the safety of others.

Buckling up is a choice – one that a majority of Coloradans choose to make. Since Click It or Ticket was introduced in Colorado in 2002, seat belt use in Colorado has increased from 72% to more than 88% in 2019. Although we still sit slightly below the national average of 90%, we aim to continue to increase this percentage as shown in previous years. 

For the enforcement period, we invite you to participate in one of CDOT’s social media engagement efforts — a custom Facebook Photo Frame — to help spread awareness about seat belt safety. Facebook Photo Frames are a social media engagement tool to temporarily overlay a custom frame on any Facebook profile picture and will help engage your friends, family and followers while bringing attention to seat belts. Apply the CDOT — ALL Behind Seat Belts frame to your profile picture by visiting the following:

CDOT’s campaign is featured on billboards, posters, bus tails, social media, and radio PSAs across the state, and English and Spanish materials are available to view.