Seat belt campaigns ramping up for July

Traffic Safety Pulse News

As Coloradans get back on the road this summer, CDOT is set to begin a seat belt awareness campaign to ensure drivers are conscious of Colorado’s seat belt laws, heightened enforcement periods and the importance of buckling up. 

The campaign is based on the concept that we live in a polarizing world, but can all agree on the importance of buckling up. Whether it’s politics, lifestyle choices, sports loyalties, or even the preference of cats vs. dogs, there is no shortage of topics that emphasize our differences. However, there’s at least one thing we should all get behind: seat belts. Kicking off the week of enforcement, the Common Bond theme celebrates all Coloradans while bringing “unlikely” pairs together. Regardless of how different our interests, passions or whatever else separating us may be, we’re all united by our choice to always wear a seat belt.

In addition to the “unlikely pairs” concept, CDOT will also employ a campaign based on people’s reasons for wearing a seat belt. Whether the reason is big or small, funny or serious, the reasons are personal and serve as a constant reminder of why we choose to buckle up. This campaign will launch directly following the “unlike pairs” campaign, reminding drivers and passengers across the state that we all have a reason to buckle up.