CDOT’s “2-Hourglass” display targets drinkers

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BACtrack® offer 50% breathalyzer discount until 9/20

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) brought its Take Some Time DUI prevention campaign to life with the “2-Hourglass” display, showing that a single alcoholic drink can impair a person’s ability to drive for up to two hours. The display was installed Sept. 4 at Stanley Marketplace in Aurora and features a large-scale beer and wine glass simulation.

The 2-Hourglass supports the current Labor Day DUI enforcement period, which runs until Sept. 8. Last year 899 drivers were arrested for DUI during the enforcement period. This is also the final weeks of the 50% personal breathalyzer discount offered by CDOT and BACtrack.

“Along with the DUI enforcement periods, The Heat Is On campaign aims to catch the attention of Coloradans to remind them of the irreversible risks that come with driving impaired,” said Darrell Lingk, CDOT director of the Office of Transportation. “The hourglass display raises awareness on how long alcohol can affect your ability to drive, which we think will help reduce the number of DUIs across the state.”

The fabrication imitates alcoholic drinks being slowly “consumed,” which increases the amount of time until a person returns to sobriety, or .00% BAC. When the liquid disappears, it then refills to repeat the process. This simulation process will cycle in about 5-minute increments. The 2-Hourglass will stay on-site for two weeks.

"We aim to be a force for good in our community, so hosting an innovative and informative pop-up like this, with such an important message, is something we’re excited and honored to do," said Stanley Marketplace Chief Storyteller Bryant Palmer.

2-Hour Glass display

The Take Some Time campaign launched statewide in July to help change the way people perceive one glass, pint, or shot of alcohol. In support of the campaign, CDOT and BACtrack® partnered again this summer to offer Colorado residents 50% off a personal BACtrack® breathalyzer to make breathalyzers more accessible and affordable. So far, there have been 1,159 breathalyzers sold this summer.

The discount is available only through Sept. 20, or while supplies last, on the BACtrack Mobile Pro, Trace Pro, C8, or C6. Colorado residents can visit to purchase their own breathalyzer before it expires.

“We’re pleased that our partnership with CDOT over the past several years has helped educate Coloradans about the importance of knowing your BAC,” said Keith Nothacker, BACtrack President and CEO. “The 2-Hourglass is a creative way to draw attention to the 50% breathalyzer discount and, as a result, continue to give Coloradans useful DUI-prevention tools in personal breathalyzers.”

To speak with a representative from BACtrack anytime over the holiday weekend or later, contact:

  • Stacey Sachs, VP, Partnerships at 415-425-8324 (direct/mobile number).