Motorcyclists’ attitudes on using high-visibility gear to improve conspicuity

Traffic Safety Pulse News

Motorcycle crashes that result from a right-of-way violation committed by another vehicle that had crossed into the path of the motorcycle are often attributed to the other driver not seeing the motorcycle. A potential countermeasure for this scenario is to encourage the use of high- visibility motorcycle gear to increase the conspicuity of the rider. The effectiveness of this countermeasure depends on the acceptance and willingness of motorcycle riders to use high- visibility gear. Thus, it is important to understand motorcyclists’ attitudes toward high-visibility gear and beliefs about the ability of high-visibility gear to increase conspicuity. It is also important to assess whether motorcyclists believe conspicuity influences safety.

This report describes a study that explored the reasons why motorcyclists choose, or do not choose, to wear high-visibility gear. The findings can support State and Federal efforts to encourage motorcyclists to use high-visibility gear as a safety strategy.

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