Save the date: Livesavers 2021

Traffic Safety Pulse News

Due to the uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, the 2021 National Lifesavers Conference on Highway Safety Priorities, scheduled for April 25-27, 2021 in Long Beach, California, will be held entirely online. There will be no onsite conference activities.

Many public and private sector organizations across the country have imposed travel restrictions that prohibit employees from attending conferences. In addition, statewide and local bans on large group meetings have been instituted in California. With the uncertainty of not knowing when a COVID-19 vaccine will be developed and widely available or when the travel and meeting restrictions will be lifted, we believe holding the 2021 Lifesavers Conference online is in the best interest of attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. As Lifesavers is a non-profit organization, making this decision now ensures the most prudent investment of our resources, as attempting to plan for both an in-person and virtual event would be extremely costly.

The Lifesavers Board, Planning Committee and our host state of California appreciate your interest in and support of the Lifesavers Conference, which has served so many in the traffic safety community for nearly 40 years. We’re committed to delivering the best online conference experience possible and will keep you posted on additional details as we move forward with planning.

Until then, we ask you to save the date for the virtual Lifesavers Conference in April 2021 and look forward to your continued support and participation. Thank you for your commitment to saving lives!

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