Spanish seatbelt awareness partnerships launching in September

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In an effort to increase awareness of the critical, life-saving importance of seatbelt use within Colorado’s Spanish-speaking communities, CDOT is partnering with the state’s two largest Spanish-language television stations, Univision and Telemundo, to deliver “family focused” occupant protection safety messaging. While many things this year have been unpredictable, the one constant that has remained is the universal desire to keep our families safe. The messaging emphasis will be on educating the audience on the value of buckling up everyone in the vehicle, every time. 

Messaging themes will relate to:

  • protecting your entire family;
  • influencing positive behaviors of loved ones;
  • prioritizing family vehicle safety; and
  • choosing to wear a seatbelt can be a lifesaving decision.

Sadly, Colorado Hispanics are affected by unrestrained injuries and fatalities at a disproportionate rate, compared to the overall population. By creating custom content that lives across multiple platforms (television, social and digital) and drives key messaging points, CDOT can increase seat belt use, and decrease unrestrained fatalities, in a relevant and engaging way.

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