New campaign collateral is now available in local dispensaries

Traffic Safety Pulse News

CDOT’s Drugged Driving campaign is continuing to share newly-developed marijuana-impaired driving education materials with key partners and stakeholders. New fact sheets and tear-off pads have been distributed locally and are now available in 9 Lightshade locations and multiple Native Roots locations across the Front Range. CDOT has delivered more than 1,300 marijuana-impaired driving educational handouts this year, addressing cannabis consumers, throughout the cannabis industry, healthcare and prevention organizations and law enforcement agencies statewide.

Since Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014, CDOT has been on the forefront of traffic safety campaigns for marijuana-impaired driving. CDOT understands that building relationships within cannabis industry, health care, nonprofits, prevention groups and state and local government is in educating people about the dangers of driving high, and influencing people to make safe choices.

As always, CDOT values partnerships with businesses and organizations affected by this issue. If you have interest in partnering with CDOT on its marijuana-impaired driving campaign, we’d love to discuss that with you further. You can also learn more about our campaign on the website.

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