Trend in focus: speed-related crashes

Traffic Safety Pulse News

Vehicle speed is a major contributing factor to crashes and related injuries. The faster a vehicle is traveling, the more likely the driver may: 1) lose control, 2) require more time and distance to stop, and 3) experience increased crash and related injury severity.[1] Speeding contributed to nearly one third of all fatal crashes nationwide in 2018, killing an average of twenty-five people per day.[2] In Nevada, speeding contributed to the deaths of 180 road users between 2018 and 2019.[3] This TREND in Focus analysis investigates the relationship between speed, crash severity, and injury severity for motor vehicle occupants presenting to any of Nevada's four trauma centers between 2015 and 2017 following a crash on a highway with a posted speed of 55-65 MPH or 70+ MPH (N=2,324).

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