CDOT, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and Oregon partners share what we know and don’t know about cannabis and public health

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The Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) at Colorado State University Pueblo and the Global Hemp Innovation Center at Oregon State University hosted the 2021 Virtual Cannabis Research Conference Aug. 3-5. CDOT’s involvement included a pre-recorded presentation and a live Q&A session with three panelists: Sam Cole, CDOT Traffic Safety Communications Manager, Jessica Neuwirth, Oregon Public Health and Consumer Protection Policy Analyst and Sara Dasugo, CDPHE Retail Marijuana Education Coordinator.

The panelists discussed current research and laws, the impacts cannabis has on public health and how the two states are combating the issue. With roughly 30 attendees and a series of thoughtful questions from the audience, CDOT’s presentation and Q&A session sparked lively conversation about cannabis and public health.

To watch the pre-recorded presentation videos, visit: