CDOT and Oregon at Institute of Cannabis Research Conference August 3-5

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The Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) at Colorado State University Pueblo and the Global Hemp Innovation Center at Oregon State University will host the 2021 Virtual Cannabis Research Conference August 3-5. The multi-disciplinary, three-day virtual conference will explore new cannabis knowledge and innovations that improve lives and contribute to science, medicine, and society.

CDOT will present on behalf of its Drive High, Get a DUI campaign with a live panel discussion titled: CDOT, CDPHE and Oregon partners discuss what we know and don’t know about cannabis and public health.

 Session description: Adult-use cannabis has been legal in Colorado and Oregon for more than half a decade. During that time, public agencies and advocacy groups have conducted a great deal of research and engagement regarding how to minimize the negative impacts on public health. While cannabis has contributed to economic opportunities for many communities, we also know that impaired driving has proven dangerous and persistent. Join public health experts and traffic safety communicators in a lively panel examining the research, data, and personal stories that illustrate the impact of the issue.

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