Webinar: Fostering Positive Engagement and Building Trust Between Law Enforcement and BIPOC Communities

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Traffic stops are the most common and often the first way the public comes in contact with a police officer. Being stopped by law enforcement makes for a tense and uncomfortable encounter from the start, regardless of the reason. Historically, this is even more pertinent for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). Providing opportunities to foster positive engagement between law enforcement and BIPOC communities is essential for building understanding and trust. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore how focusing solely on enforcement of moving violations, rather than non-safety offenses, bolstered community relations and lowered crashes in Fayetteville, North Carolina.


  • Tuesday, July 15, 2021 at 2 pm ET


  • Harold Medlock, Chief (ret.), Fayetteville, North Carolina Police Department
  • Corporal Aaron Allen, Pennsylvania State Police
  • Ken Barone, Policy & Research Specialist, Institute of Municipal and Regional Policy at Central Connecticut State University


  • Chuck DeWeese, GHSA Executive Board Chair & Assistant Commissioner, New York Governor's Traffic Safety Committee

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