CDOT launches new research on cannabis and driving

Traffic Safety Pulse News

CDOT’s Office of Communications is embarking on a new research initiative on marijuana and driving in Colorado. Sponsored by the Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting, the project will provide an evaluation of CDOT’s progress in addressing the issue as well as additional research on the topic. The goal of the study is to better understand what has worked well or needs improvement with respect to messaging on the dangers of driving under the influence of cannabis. While drunk driving education has taken place for decades, not as much is known about what works to change behavior when it comes to driving high.

The two-year study will include:

  • A literature reviews on messages, messengers, and tone of current public awareness campaigns
  • A review and evaluation of CDOT’s public education campaign on the dangers of driving under the influence of cannabis
  • Targeted interviews cannabis consumers

A comprehensive report will summarize the effort and provide guidance on future public awareness campaigns. Key findings and recommendations on how to effectively reach cannabis consumers in different audience segments will be discussed.