CDOT wins AASHTO TransComm Awards

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The Committee on Transportation Communications (TransComm) of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) sponsors an annual communications skills awards competition across the nation in order to facilitate the sharing of best practices and to recognize outstanding communications efforts. 

Earlier this month, TransComm presented three awards to CDOT’s Office of Communications:

  • One in the category of Marketing/Advertising for Indoor or Outdoor Advertising Excellence, for a campaign to improve motorcycle safety. CDOT partnered with local company, Grease Monkey, to speak to drivers directly reminding them to watch for motorcyclists. The partnership had Grease Monkey placing safety stickers on vehicles receiving oil changes at 64 Grease Monkey locations throughout Colorado. Additionally, CDOT debuted a vehicle wrapped with a safety message. 

Ped Car

Mountain Rules

  • One in the category of Mobile Web Applications, for apps designed to help during some of our most major incidents over the past year and a half. This innovative smartphone app created for both Androids and iPhones helped CDOT’s PIOs and incident command staff during the Grizzly Creek Fire, the Cameron Peak Fire and the March 2021 blizzard. This app was developed in-house. 


Congratulations to our Communications team members who worked on these campaigns!