Distracted Driving campaign wins PRSA Gold Pick

Traffic Safety Pulse News

Last month, CDOT’s “Distraction Reactions” campaign was awarded the Government Integrated Communications Campaign PRSA Gold Pick from the PRSA Colorado Chapter. The Gold Pick Awards honor the region’s best work in public relations, and today, the Gold Pick has become one of the state’s most prestigious awards for PR practitioners.


“Distraction Reactions” was created to shine a light on the impact and impression distracted driving has on those around us. Distracted drivers do not often see the risk of their behavior until it’s too late. CDOT’s goal was to change this perception by elevating the social stigma around distracted driving — harnessing the power of human reactions to emphasize that distracted driving is a negative action that puts everyone’s safety at risk. When you get behind the wheel, you’re not only in control of your own safety, your actions impact the safety of others. And when others see you drive distracted, there are going to be some strong reactions — shock, disbelief, fear.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on this campaign! To learn more about “Distraction Reactions” and the entire campaign, please visit distracted.codot.gov