Together for Life Utah Uses Innovation to Increase Seat Belt Use

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At the beginning of August, the website began highlighting the expanded tools, resources, and media for nine rural counties to address the disparities that exist between urban and rural rates of seat belt use among citizens of Utah. [1] Center for Health and Safety Culture. (2019, 2020). Utah community survey of adults on seat belt use. Montana State University. (N=3114, N=673).
In 2013 Utah’s urban areas had buckle-up rates around 85% and rural area rates were as low as 55%. Since then, seat belt use has increased by an average of 20% in the initial seven focus counties compared to 7% in urban counties. Additionally, the numbers of unrestrained fatalities and serious injuries in these seven counties have also been lower. Recently two additional rural counties have engaged in the project.
A new tool designed to help users start the conversation of asking others to wear a seat belt joins the collection of other tools and resources that support the creation of workplace policies and family rules about always wearing a seat belt. To see more about the positive work going on in Utah, visit

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