Nurses join fall push to keep kids safe on the road

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Car Seats Colorado recently tapped front line healthcare workers to help get the word out about child passenger safety. The National Highway Transportation Administration estimates that 3 out of 4 children under 12 are improperly restrained in car seats, booster seats or seat belts.

The partnership between CDOT and Colorado State Patrol created and distributed more than 2,000 lanyard badges to nurses and doctors throughout the UC Health and HealthONE healthcare systems. The badges contain educational information and will raise awareness of child restraint laws and best practices. Caregivers such as nurses are often the best advocates for child passenger safety — first in line to speak to new parents and parents of kids of all ages stopping into clinics for regular checkups and medical advice.

September is National Child Passenger Safety Month, a nationwide awareness campaign. Contact Trooper Tim Sutherland at [email protected] if your organization is willing to contribute to public outreach efforts — or, visit to learn more about keeping kids and families safe on the road.

Nurse Badges