CDOT collaborates with high schools to launch Defeat Distracted Driving Day

Traffic Safety Pulse News

A 2021 CDOT survey of adult Colorado drivers reveals some concerning distracted driving statistics. CDOT found that 91% of drivers had driven while distracted at least once in the past week, and more than half of the drivers said they were “often” or “always” distracted when driving.

With April marking Distracted Driving awareness month, the Drop the Distraction campaign is operating at full force to encourage drivers to keep their hands on the wheels, eyes on the road and minds on driving.

A 2020 study from Nationwide Insurance found Friday afternoons to be the most distracting time of the week. CDOT is teaming up with high schools across the state to launch Defeat Distracted Driving Day to remind drivers to put down the distractions and focus on the road. High school students are invited to participate in the event across the state.

Several schools with diverse student populations will participate in the effort. Each student group will partake by signing a pledge to never drive distracted. Additionally, students at participating high schools will display signage highlighting the dangers of driving distracted throughout their parking lots. Participants are encouraged to share pictures from their event and tag CDOT in social posts to help spread the word.

In 2020, distracted drivers were involved in 10,166 crashes on Colorado roads, resulting in 1,476 injuries and 68 fatalities. Choose to never drive distracted — no text, email or other task is worth your life or the lives of others. To learn more about CDOT’s Distracted Driving campaign, visit