Westword news article reports about some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Denver: Most Dangerous Neighborhoods to Drive in Denver (Westword)

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(Westword) The streets of Denver have been getting more dangerous for drivers. Last year, 84 people were killed in vehicular incidents within city limits — by far the most recorded by the Denver Police Department since the city launched Vision Zero, a five-year action plan with the mission of "eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries by making our roadways safer for everyone" by 2030. And the latest Vision Zero stats show that eleven people have already been killed in Denver traffic accidents in 2022

The city's open data archive includes reports about traffic accidents from January 1 through March 11, the most recent date for which 2022 statistics are available. Over that span, 218 traffic accidents have been reported to the DPD, 94 of them hit-and-runs — a term used for incidents involving moving vehicles, as well as crashes into parked vehicles, in which the person who caused the damage leaves the scene.

The reports filed by officers include the neighborhood where the accident happened. Of Denver's 78 neighborhoods, thirteen (Chafee Park, Cole, Cory-Merrill, Fort Logan, Harvey Park, Indian Creek, Kennedy, Mar Lee, Platt Park, Skyland, South Park Hill, Wellshire and West Highland) didn't register a traffic accident from the start of 2022 through March 11. The rest had at least one, with twelve registering at least five accidents, and hit-and-runs in most of these locations were commonplace.

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