Building the leadership team that supports the Advancing Transportation Safety Program (ATSP)

Traffic Safety Pulse News

In the June Traffic Safety Pulse newsletter, we highlighted Strategy B: Build a Safety Coalition. To move this strategy forward, we’re now assembling the leadership team that supports the Advancing Transportation Safety Program (ATSP). The ATSP is responsible for leading statewide transportation safety efforts and building partnerships in Colorado to prevent deaths and serious injuries on our roadways. Its mission is to create a unified approach to advancing transportation safety through partnership building, data management, education, engineering, and policy. The ATSP will be comprised of safety experts that have dedicated their work to improving conditions and saving lives on our roadways. 

The Program is organized into three tiers: the Executive Committee, Steering Committee, and Action Teams.

Executive Committee: Provides program oversight, allocates resources, oversees statewide performance, and directs major decision-making. This committee includes executive directors from signatory agencies and will meet semi-annually.

Steering Committee: Develops and administers a work plan, manages Action Teams, and tracks progress. This committee is comprised of safety subject matter experts, division-level directors of signatory agencies, and leaders in relevant advocacy organizations. The committee will meet monthly or quarterly and report to the Executive Committee.

Action Teams: Implements the Strategic Transportation Safety Plan (STSP) strategies by topic, including education, communications, data management, policy, and funding. Experts in traffic safety are invited to participate in Action Teams that fit their interests, expertise, and resources. Action Teams will meet regularly and report to the Steering Committee.

CDOT is seeking individuals who are passionate about traffic safety to be part of the ATSP and help us advocate for sound policies and practices to reduce serious injuries and fatalities on our roadways. We encourage anyone interested in joining the Steering Committee or on an Action Team to fill out this interest form. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].