The top car seat use mistakes, a reminder ahead of back to school season

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Back-to-school season is an exciting time in every household. It can also be a busy one. With back

to school shopping, squeezing in that final getaway and preparing your child for a fresh school

year, it seems like the checklists never end.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, more than half of children aged 5-14

are traveling more than 2 miles to arrive at school every day. Nearly half of these students

are being driven in a private vehicle. With the to-and-from school commute about to make its

annual return, Car Seats Colorado is here to remind parents that car seat safety must remain top of


A child in a car seat

Curious if your child is properly restrained? Car Seats Colorado Program coordinator, Colorado

State Trooper Tim Sutherland, says reading owners’ manuals can help parents and caregivers avoid

common mistakes that car seat technicians see during car seat inspections.

Below are the top five mistakes parents and caregivers are making regarding their child’s seat belt


  1. Turning around a rear-facing seat too soon
  2. Moving your kid out of a booster seat too soon
  3. Harness straps that are too loose
  4. Improperly securing the car or booster seat to the vehicle’s seat
  5. Using car seats that have expired

Looking for expert advice? Car seat checks by certified car seat safety technicians are available at

car seat inspection stations across Colorado. Stop in and get a little help from certified


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Car Seats Colorado hopes you have a safe and enjoyable rest of your summer! To learn more about

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