Rethinking the role of the designated driver

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Most of us are familiar with the term "designated driver" and we know that refers to the selection of a person who remains sober (as the responsible driver of a vehicle) when others have been drinking alcoholic beverages.

A designated driver plays a critical role in getting everyone home safe and sound, but based on both anecdotal and empirical findings, demonstrating that being the “DD” can actually be fun was seen as a challenge in many communities.

Designated Driver
Research conducted by the USDOT Federal Highway Administration found that there was limited awareness of the designated driver concept, especially among recent arrivals and persons who spoke only Spanish. Most respondents felt that it would be hard to find a designated driver because everyone in their social circle drank at social events.

According to Cpl. Iván Alvarado, of the Colorado State Patrol, the key to reducing incidences of impaired driving within the Latino community is education. “Residents who learned to drive in other countries may believe that a designated driver is the one who has had the least amount of alcohol.”

In response, CDOT recently launched a Spanish campaign designed to show young men, 21-34, that taking a turn at being the designated driver is not only responsible, but it can also be lifesaving.