CDOT's Distracted-Free Zone awarded to Olsson, Inc.

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Distracted Yard Signs

In 2020, Colorado saw 10,166 crashes, 1,476 injuries and 68 deaths due to distracted driving. As summer draws near, the effort to defeat distracted driving continues. 

In a new CDOT campaign, a Distracted Driving Pledge gathered signatures from Coloradans across the state who pledged to never drive distracted. The campaign partnered with businesses, schools and other organizations to install parking lot signs to remind drivers of the dangers of driving distracted. 

The campaign also hosted a contest, challenging participating organizations to see which could gather the most pledges — and be dubbed CDOT’s official Distracted Driving Zone. We’re thrilled to announce Olsson, Inc. as the winner and statewide champ. Way to go, Olsson!