Seat belt reminders now part of IIHS vehicle evaluation

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(IIHS) According to CDOT surveys, people would buckle up more if their vehicle had a reminder, such as a chime or buzzer. But vehicles vary widely on the type and effectiveness of reminders used. There's more work to be done to improve seat belt reminders on SUVs, an evaluation by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found.

Among the 26 SUVs tested, only two Subaru models, the Ascent and Forester, earned a "good" rating.

Under the new car rating system by IIHS for seat belt reminders, rates are given as good, acceptable, marginal or poor, based on the volume, length and timing of the audible alert reminding drivers and passengers to put on their seat belt.

To earn a good rating, a seat belt reminder needs an audible signal and visual alert on the instrument panel or in-dash display when the vehicle is moving at least 6 mph and the system detects someone in the front of the vehicle not wearing a seat belt, or someone in the back that unfastened the belt. The alert must also be loud enough to be heard over background noise. Read the full article here.

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