The strategies behind Moving Towards Zero Deaths

Traffic Safety Pulse News

Moving Towards Zero Deaths is a core value of the state’s new Strategic Transportation Safety Plan (STSP), which provides innovation and data-drive approaches to improving highway safety. The STSP includes 15 unique strategies that will enhance transportation safety for every transportation mode in Colorado. Each month this newsletter will feature a new strategy and how you can help as a safety practitioner.
Building a safety advocacy coalition
This strategy calls for the creation of a safety coalition that can coordinate programs, implement actions, and advocate for policy changes. Government agencies are unable to lobby, so this coalition serves as the proactive voice for broader statewide policy changes. The benefits are two-fold: increasing the visibility of key safety issues and establishing a space for collaboration among safety groups.
To make progress on this strategy, we need your help. We are looking for leaders in the safety space to be part of the Safety Steering Committee to set the vision for the coalition and guide the work forward. If you are interested in participating, please contact Manjari Bhat, Colorado’s Safety Champion at [email protected].