Free online marijuana-impaired driving safety course now available to budtenders and general public

Traffic Safety Pulse News

To date, hundreds of frontline workers at dispensaries statewide have increased their knowledge of the dangers of cannabis and driving.  CDOT has partnered with Learn Brands, an online budtender education platform, to provide a free interactive cannabis-impaired driving safety course. Budtenders are a trusted source of information for cannabis consumers — and educating budtenders is one of the best and most efficient ways to educate dispensary customers on the laws and dangers of driving high. 

The course provides cannabis industry workers with the necessary tools to persuade consumers to make smart choices, find alternatives to driving high, and understand reasons why they should. It also talks about pressing issues that aren’t talked about enough, like multi-substance impairment. A large percentage of DUIs involving cannabis also involved other substances, most commonly alcohol.

CDOT is also asking cannabis companies to encourage their full workforce to take the course. Those who complete the course will earn a certificate of completion. To access CDOT’s cannabis-impaired driving course, visitors will have to create a free Learn Brands account.

In addition to the Learn Brands partnership, CDOT continues to distribute collateral to dispensaries and organizations that wish to spread marijuana safety awareness. To request Marijuana History tear-off pads, visit

A close-up of a marijuana product with text that reads Cannabis-Impaired Driving: Prevention and education. Saving lives on Colorado roads.