AAA: New Colorado Law: Move Over for Me

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(AAA) - It's official: Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has signed into law a new measure that will save lives at the roadside — with Colorado joining the ranks of just nine other states in offering robust "Slow Down, Move Over" protections to all disabled vehicles. 

HB23-1123 requires that drivers move over a lane whenever they encounter any stationary vehicle with its hazards flashing — and if they can't move over, they must slow down. The new protections will take effect in August 2023, and they come as 2022 marked the deadliest year on Colorado roads since 1981. On March 20, a CSP trooper in El Paso County went to the hospital after a driver struck the patrol vehicle at the roadside — the seventh such crash this year. Read the full article here.

Car bumpers lined up in traffic