AAA 2021 Traffic Safety Culture Index

Traffic Safety Pulse News

Hand on steering wheel looking towards the road

(AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety) As the U.S. recovered from the pandemic, people’s daily travel increased, and the traffic volumes on major corridors increased accordingly; unfortunately, so did the number of traffic fatalities. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates that unsafe driving behaviors such as speeding, alcohol involvement and non-use of a seatbelt account for a considerable proportion of the increased fatalities.

As the impacts of traffic safety on public health have worsened, the 2021 Traffic Safety Culture Index report should be a useful reference for stakeholders to understand public perceptions and attitudes toward unsafe driving behaviors in comparison to engagement in these behaviors as well as aspects that should be considered when developing countermeasures. Read more about the 2021 Traffic Safety Culture Index here.