Upcoming Road Safety Champion Program webinars

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RSCP Core Module #1: Introduction to Road Safety

This two-hour training provides an overview of safety trends, an understanding of the national safety vision and techniques for safety collaboration. It will also discuss the importance of prioritizing safety and how an individual can become a Road Safety Champion.

The learning objectives for this module include:

  • Define the impact of road safety
  • Identify the factors in road safety
  • Identify jurisdictional and geographical differences in road safety
  • Describe national safety efforts
  • Describe collaborative techniques for improving safety

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RSCP Core Module #2: Understanding Human Factors

This two-hour training will provide an overview of human factors principles. It will allow the non-expert in human factors to more effectively bring consideration of the road user's capabilities and limitations into policies and practices. Knowing how road users interact with their vehicle, the roadway and other road users can also provide useful insights into roadway safety. Armed with that knowledge, construction and maintenance personnel, planners, engineers, public health professionals and law enforcement can work together to target appropriate countermeasures to help reduce injury crashes.

The learning objectives for this module include:

  • Explain road user role as element of a system
  • Identify road user capabilities and limitations
  • Describe how current geometric design and traffic operations practices address human factors

RSCP Core Module #3: Introduction to Traffic Safety Culture

This training introduces growing positive traffic safety culture to significantly improve road safety in America. Participants will leave the training with a better understanding of the elements that shape traffic safety culture, how those factors interact to affect behaviors related to traffic safety, strategies that can be implemented to improve traffic safety culture among various groups, and ideas about how they can leverage their role (and the role of others) in growing a positive traffic safety culture.

The learning objectives for this module include:

  • Describe traffic safety as a public health concern
  • Recognize that behavior is influenced by beliefs
  • Define how we develop beliefs
  • Define traffic safety culture
  • Identify strategies that grow traffic safety culture