Call for community-based transportation planning projects (DRCOG)

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The Denver Regional Council of Governments requests letters of interest for projects for the 2024-2025 Community-Based Transportation Planning Set-aside program. The letters of interest window opens Wednesday, Nov. 1.

The Community-Based Transportation Planning Set-aside program is a Denver Regional Council of Governments-led technical assistance program in the 2024-2027 Transportation Improvement Program. This program aims to support member jurisdictions in addressing mobility challenges for historically marginalized communities in DRCOG’s region.

The four-year set-aside program has an estimated budget of $2.5 million, with each two-year cycle expected to utilize $1.25 million. DRCOG will fund and manage all studies. There is no local match required. You can read more about this upcoming technical assistance program here.

This program aims to assist project sponsors — including member governments and community organizations — in various transportation planning efforts to expand mobility for marginalized populations. Eligible projects could include:

  • Subarea transportation plans
  • Corridor plans
  • Multimodal, bicycle and/or pedestrian plans
  • Safety or vision zero plans
  • Transit or microtransit studies
  • First/last mile studies
  • School transportation plans
  • Other transportation or mobility-related studies.
  • Conceptual design for community-informed transportation solutions (up to 30% design)

Letters of interest for this program are due by Sunday, Dec. 31.