Play it safe. Car Seats Colorado visits Children’s Museum of Denver

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Keeping track of your child’s height as they grow can be sentimental and nostalgic — but it’s also important for their safety in a vehicle. To educate parents, caregivers and kids, Car Seats Colorado (a partnership between CDOT and Colorado State Patrol) teamed up with the Children’s Museum of Denver this fall.

A car seat technician uses a real car seat with a child-like doll to demonstrate the “pinch test” used to check for the correct fit of car seat straps during an event at the Children’s Museum of Denver.

Certified child passenger safety technicians were on-site at the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus on Sept. 22 during National Child Passenger Safety Week. The booth hosted informative displays and educational information.Technicians from Colorado State Patrol, Children’s Medical Center and Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) spoke to parents about proper car seat and booster seat fit and installation. Parents and caregivers who stopped by the table received Buy 1, Get 1 Free vouchers for museum admission and could enter to win a free car seat.

A car seat technician interacts with two children as they color on a Car Seats Colorado banner

Many parents and caregivers aren’t aware that height — but also a child’s weight and physical development — all play a role in determining proper car seat, booster seat and seat belt fit.
National data shows that 65% of all Coloradans do not secure their children properly. Car seat and booster seat use can be complicated — proper seat fit, installation and other factors all come into play to ensure every child under 12 is as safe as possible in the event of a crash. Learn more about child passenger safety at