Distracted driving prevention video campaign (GHSA)

Shift into Safe News

Ahead of Distracted Driving Awareness Month this April, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), in partnership with General Motors (GM), is spearheading a new initiative to raise awareness about the dangers of this prevalent but preventable behavior. GHSA is recruiting people to record short videos explaining why they choose to be distraction-free on the road and invite you, your staff and partners to participate. GHSA will feature these videos by sharing them on GHSA’s Facebook account.

  • Record and post your short video to Facebook tagging @GHSAhq and @GeneralMotors.
  • Invite others in your network to post a video as well.

The goal is to share this opportunity with as many people as possible and create a groundswell that can help change the social norm. How can you and others join the campaign?

  • Record yourself explaining how and why you’re doing your part to make our roadways safe by choosing to drive, walk, bike or scoot distraction-free. Here are a few video tips:
    • Keep it short and sweet. Videos should be 60 seconds or less.
    • Social media analytics show that videos between 30 and 60 seconds impact a larger audience. 
    • Be true to yourself and authentic when recording — don’t worry about the perfect take, focus on speaking from the heart.
    • Film your video with your phone upright, selfie style (9:16 frame).
    • Film in a quiet place or use a microphone.
  • Share your video(s) on Facebook in April using the hashtag #NoDistractions and tagging GHSA (@GHSAhq) and GM (@GeneralMotors).
    • The GHSA account will share any videos that tag them (@GHSAhq)!
  • Submit your video here to be featured in a Distracted Driving Awareness Month promotional video.
    • Submissions may also be shared and promoted via GHSA’s social media accounts.