CDOT provided over 7,600 safe rides during 2023 Uber partnership

Traffic Safety Pulse News

In partnership with Uber, CDOT distributed over $25,000 in rideshare credits and 7,638 safe rides in 2023. In total, nine vouchers were created and 5,702 codes were offered during high visibility DUI enforcement periods and holidays. The nine occasions were:

  • Memorial Day
  • Pride Parade
  • 4th of July
  • Summer Strikeout enforcement period
  • Rocky Mountain Vibes partnership
  • Northern Colorado Owlz partnership
  • Labor Day
  • Football season start
  • Thanksgiving/Blackout Wednesday

The Summer Strikeout enforcement period, which lasted from July 7–13, had the most claimed codes with over 3,200 safe rides taken and nearly $11,000 in rideshare credits used. Claim rates spiked around times known for high alcohol consumption, such as Memorial Day, 4th of July and “Blackout Wednesday.”

Thanks to our partner Uber for providing these ride credits and supporting CDOT’s The Heat Is On campaign. Learn more about Uber on their website.