New video from CDOT — Always Pass with Care

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In the aftermath of a crash in October 2021 on a Colorado highway, lives were changed forever. A split-second decision to unsafely pass another vehicle shattered the lives of a local family.

Sage Goodman, the driver involved, shares his heartbreaking story about the crash in a new video by CDOT. Heading towards Copper Mountain on Colorado Highway 91, he felt impatient to get to his destination and decided to pass the vehicle ahead of him. In that moment, tragedy unfolded as an oncoming vehicle swerved, resulting in a devastating crash that took the life of Karen Bunke — a beloved mother and grandmother.

The profound grief and regret expressed by Sage serve as a reminder that our choices on the road can have far-reaching and irreversible consequences.

This emotional testimonial is a call to action for all drivers. In 2023, there were 675 crashes caused by unsafe passing in Colorado.. Each crash represents not just a statistic but a family, a future and a life torn apart because of a moment of impatience. The price of gaining that extra minute is immeasurable when weighed against the potential loss of life.