May 2016 Traffic Safety Pulse

It's campaign "high season" so there's lots to see, including the latest awareness campaigns on seat belts, motorcycle safety, distracted driving and drugged driving.

July 2016 Traffic Safety Pulse

See our new "mini documentary" featuring Spanish-preferred Hispanic men and their beliefs about drinking and driving. See CDOT's newest campaign at address the record number of motorcycle fatalities And see the latest news from Beware of the Beltless campaign!

August 2016 Traffic Safety Pulse

Find out how CDOT created a fake brewery tour company to make a point about DUI - and please feel free to share the hidden camera video! We're also announcing the launch of a new version of R U Buzzed - an app that lets people estimate their BAC levels based on weight, gender and number of drinks. Please encourage everyone to download the app. Finally, we have produced a new ad about the dangers of distracted driving. We hope you will share that too via your social channels.

September 2016 Traffic Safety Pulse

Lots of good info to share - including our new RU Buzzed App, a hidden camera DUI stunt that has gone viral, and "Fred Estrian," our new pedestrian champion at CDOT. And see how "motorcyclists really aren't hiding from you."

October 2016 Traffic Safety Pulse

We have highlighted clever ways CDOT is reaching Latinos with DUI and seat belt messages. Also see what shenanigans our pedestrian safety champ, Fred Estrian, has been up to!

December 2016 Traffic Safety Pulse

Read about an innovative teen campaign to get kids to buckle up by reaching them on social media. Speaking of teens, the newsletter also includes an emotional video from Chaparral High School about keeping teens safe on our roadways. And so much more!