What Will YOU Lose? Felony DUI Campaign Shows Life-Changing Consequences of DUIs

CDOT’s What Will YOU Lose? campaign has gained positive results during its three-month push to raise awareness of Colorado’s new felony DUI law and reduce impaired driving. The campaign features real Coloradans speaking about what they’ve lost because of their DUI conviction, some of whom are still serving time in the Colorado Department of Corrections. 

A total of 13 DUI offenders were interviewed as part of the campaign, which launched in February and ran on local broadcast and connected online TV platforms, and included outreach in bars and treatment centers across Colorado. CDOT also worked with the Office of Behavioral Health and DUI-prevention advocates to make educational materials available with details on the new law and existing DUI penalties.

To view What Will YOU Lose? videos and creative materials, visit: bit.ly/CDOTFelonyDUI or bit.ly/CDOTDUIVideos.