LED Balloon Stunt Raises Pedestrian Safety Awareness

CDOT recently illuminated two popular crosswalks in the Denver metro area with 1,000 LED-lit balloons to raise awareness of pedestrian safety. The goal was to communicate to pedestrians the importance of always using crosswalks and sidewalks, and reminding drivers to always be alert for pedestrians along roadways and intersections, especially during the evening, as 72 percent of all pedestrian fatalities occur at night.

CDOT also reinstated its crosswalk champion Fred Estrian, the classic walk-signal man brought to life. Fred’s passion is to protect pedestrians, so he and his street team personally engaged with metro Denver residents, handing out the LED-lit balloons to pedestrians at Larimer Square and Coors Field. Each balloon featured campaign messaging and was brightly lit to increase pedestrians’ visibility as they utilized crosswalks at the busy intersections.

To see Fred Estrian in action from last year’s campaign, click here.

Pedestrian crashes and fatalities are a growing problem in Colorado’s urban areas. In 2016, 84 pedestrians were killed in Colorado compared to 64 deaths in 2015, a 30 percent increase. This spike in pedestrian fatalities more than doubled the surge in overall traffic fatalities, which increased by 12 percent in 2016, and CDOT has continued to educate pedestrians and drivers on the importance of observing pedestrian laws.