Beware of the Beltless: Campaign Set to Return in February

In 2016, CDOT launched the Beware of the Beltless campaign, an unprecedented push to increase seat belt use in Colorado. The campaign raised an important point: Unbelted passengers don't just risk their own safety; they also increase the risk of injury or death to other occupants in the vehicle by 40 percent.

The campaign incorporated months of thorough and creative public outreach, and involved the work of more than 30 community partners.

Despite the campaign's tireless efforts, beltless traffic deaths rose in 2016, and Colorado's seat belt use dropped from 85 to 84 percent—well below the national average of 90 percent.

This year, CDOT is determined to develop relationships with new community partners in the health care and business sectors to increase public education and awareness of the issue.

Beware of the Beltless is set to launch in early February.