Fred Estrian’s Back to Educate Coloradans on Crosswalk Safety

Last year, Colorado experienced a 30 percent spike in pedestrian fatalities across the state. To continue to educate pedestrians and drivers on the importance of observing pedestrian laws, CDOT has brought back its loveable crosswalk safety champion, Fred Estrian.

This second phase of CDOT's pedestrian safety campaign launched in early March in the form of targeted online videos, digital billboards and broadcast radio.

The goal is to meet pedestrians and drivers where they spend most of their time: online and in their cars. These quick, digestible and shareable videos reintroduce Colorado to Fred and his mission, and the billboards and radio ads will remind drivers to always use caution around pedestrians while on the road.

The campaign helps protect pedestrians by encouraging drivers to slow down and avoid distractions while in pedestrian zones. The campaign encourages pedestrians to always use crosswalks and also avoid distractions while crossing streets.

CDOT will continue the pedestrian safety messaging with a live Fred Estrian event this summer. Stay tuned for more information!