Distracted Driving: Drop the Distraction Informs Public About New Penalties

Earlier this year, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed a bill that dramatically increased a first distracted driving offense from a $50 fine and one point on a driver's record to a $300 fine and four points. To raise awareness about the harsher penalties and the ongoing threat distracted driving poses, in September, CDOT launched Drop the Distraction, a high-visibility public awareness campaign.

Colorado motorists likely heard the message in their cars through radio traffic DJs, garnering 2,072,320 impressions. Those listening to Pandora also were exposed to the message with another 1,122,898 impressions. At 70 local coffee shops, 245,000 coffee sleeves with information about the new law aimed to curb the impulse for drivers to grab their phones while driving.

Online, digital banners and social media posts accumulated an additional 3,437,590 and 557,664 impressions, respectively.

CDOT is also encouraging Coloradans to download mobile apps intended to cut down on phone use while driving, and allow drivers to stay focused on the road. View some of these distracted driving prevention apps.