Distracted Driving: CDOT Teams with Distracted Driving Victims for New Videos

We've all heard of the dangers of distracted driving, but often we don't realize how serious the issue is until it's too late. CDOT is seeking volunteers to participate in a series of short testimonial videos about the dangers of distracted driving. By featuring real stories from victims, CDOT will show the real-life consequences of distracted driving. In particular, CDOT is asking for individuals who:

  • Have been hit by a distracted driver while driving a vehicle, walking or biking. 
  • Have been a passenger in a crash because of distracted driving.
  • Are emergency service personnel or law enforcement who have seen firsthand the tragic effects of distracted driving. 

Interested volunteers can apply to share their story at distraction.codot.gov

At the end of August, CDOT launched a media campaign that aims to educate Coloradans about the new law that dramatically increased the penalties for a first distracted driving offense from a $50 fine and one point on a driver’s record to a $300 fine and four points. Throughout September, Coloradans heard and saw the message in their cars and on their phones throughout statewide media campaign. To view and download the campaign creative materials, visit bit.ly/DropTheDistraction.

CDOT is also sharing distracted driving prevention apps on its website for motorists to download and limit their phone use while driving. Visit distraction.codot.gov to find your prevention app.