May Mobilization and July Enforcement: 5,678 Drivers Cited

CDOT reported in January that Colorado traffic fatalities increased 24 percent in the past two years, noting declining seat belt use as a major factor. Last year, the seat belt use rate in Colorado dropped to 84 percent, ranking our state in the bottom third nationally.

In conjunction with the Click It or Ticket May Mobilization enforcement period, CDOT took an intimate approach to promote seat belt use, featuring new safety ads in which real Coloradans share their personal reasons why they buckle up.

CDOT interviewed people throughout the state, including parents, nurses, priests, firefighters and military veterans, to learn their reasons for buckling up in the hopes that these messages will inspire fellow Coloradans to do the same. From firefighter Kyle Holsinger in Boulder to Pastor Dave Palmer in Parker, these seat belt advocates are passionate about safety.

A total of 5,678 drivers and passengers were cited for not buckling up during the May Mobilization enforcement, including 234 drivers who had an improperly restrained child under the age of 15 in their vehicle. The Loveland Police Department (464 citations), Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office (355 citations) and Longmont Police Department (315 citations) recorded the highest number of tickets statewide. In addition, Colorado State Patrol (CSP) cited 1,658 drivers.

The Click It or Ticket campaign returned for the July rural enforcement, from July 16 through July 22. To localize its attempt to increase rural seat belt use, CDOT reached out to churches in Weld County to display seat belt messages on their outdoor signs. For example, the sign outside Mount Calvary read "Seat Belts and Jesus – Saving Body and Soul."

Last year, 1,221 drivers and passengers were cited during the same enforcement, including 67 citations given for improperly restrained children younger than 15 years old in the vehicle.