Advocates Releases 2018 Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety (Advocates) have released a new report that rates all 50 states on the implementation of 16 essential traffic safety laws. This report is an important tool that can be utilized by state elected officials to improve roadway safety for all motorists.

The 2018 Roadmap Report paves a dual-track path to evading fatal crashes. According to the report, the first path involves the adoption of effective state highway safety laws that encourage the use of seat belts, motorcycle helmets and child safety seats. These laws also provide safeguards for teen, distracted, and impaired drivers.

The second path to safer roads, safer vehicles, and safer drivers is the widespread adoption of advanced safety technologies that are already on the market. This includes collision avoidance, automated speed and red-light enforcement systems, and ignition interlocks.

The most favorable and practical strategy at hand is adopting safety laws and progressing available safety technologies.