CDOT Starts The Cannabis Conversation with Coloradans

Despite CDOT's continued education and awareness efforts to raise awareness about the safety and legal consequences of driving high, Colorado continues to see marijuana-involved traffic crashes with serious effects. Now, CDOT is seeking the community's input by sparking a meaningful conversation among all Coloradans with its new campaign, The Cannabis Conversation

CDOT recently teamed up with 15 campaign partners to launch this first-of-its-kind, multi-year effort to better understand Coloradans' thoughts and opinions about driving under the influence of marijuana. The Cannabis Conversation offers individuals across the state the opportunity to weigh in on a timely and important discussion—not just for Colorado, but the country as a whole. Coloradans are asked to join the conversation and share their habits, behaviors, thoughts and opinions about marijuana and driving.

Everyone is invited to contribute—whether or not they consume cannabis. The only requirement is that participants provide open and honest feedback. CDOT will be gathering feedback through a comprehensive online survey and in-person, in-the-moment conversations at a broad range of events across the state. For more information and to take The Cannabis Conversation survey, visit