Distracted Driving - Distraction Games

Distracted driving continues to be a major issue on Colorado roads, responsible for over 15,000 crashes annually. As teenage drivers acquire their licenses, CDOT has been preparing them to stay focused in the driver's seat.

CDOT recently presented the Distraction Games—an interactive safety exhibit showcasing the dangers of distracted driving—to the students at Rangeview High School. In partnership with Farmers Insurance and Safe Kids Denver Metro, the Distraction Games reached 600 students during the two-day demonstration at the school.

The Distraction Games is comprised of four interactive stations that focus on different distracted driving statistics. Each unique activity displays these statistics in a fun and engaging manner for participants.

The Rangeview students were able to participate in each activity:

  • Distraction Patrol
    Using videos of drivers, many of whom are distracted, students identified each example of distracted driving and compared results with the station moderator at the videos' completion.
  • To schedule or borrow The Distraction Games materials from CDOT, please contact Sam Stavish.TTT (Texting and Triking Test)
    This station included a maze course that students rode through on a tricycle with cones placed in a simple pattern. Riders navigated the course once while texting, then again distraction-free. Station moderators presented a series of distractions along the route.
  • The Myth of Multitasking
    This game demonstrated how distractions can hinder a person's ability to complete simple tasks, let alone drive a motor vehicle. Students started by playing focus-driven games such as Perfection. The games were then repeated, this time with distractions from station moderators—such as counting backwards from 100 or carrying a conversation. The game showed students that it's not so easy to multitask while driving.
  • Texting and Driving Simulator
    This distracted driving simulator gave students a realistic experience of what it's like to drive distracted.