Fact Book

wide west view new retaining wall.jpg
wide view roundabout and paving view of Fishers Peak Photo Aaron Westhoff Yeh and Associates.jpg
wide view pipe work at ramps WB I-70 Ward Road.jpg
Wide view on and off ramp showing new paving widening and signals.jpg
Wide view of south and northbound traffic at Exit 59.jpg
Wide view of sidewalk improvements underway at Spruce.jpg
wide view of pre drilling h pile in progress.jpg
wide view of new detour configuration on the east side of Exit 11.jpg
Wide view of completed cable rail on US 50.jpg
Wide view of a section of newly installed tension cable rail along US 50 just west of Penrose in Fremont County.
wide view newly widened on and off ramp WB I-70 Ward Road.jpg
wide view newly widened on and off ramp WB I-70 Ward Road.jpg
wide view newly widened and improved WB I-70 interchange at Ward Rd.jpg
wide view newly poured sidewalk Lyons bridge photo billy prescott.jpg
wide view newly painted wall at NB off ramp Exit 11.jpg
wide view newly built west roundabout at Exit 11.jpg
wide view new span northbound bridge
wide view new retaining wall at Exit 11.jpeg
wide view new guardrail at WB I-70 off ramp Ward Road.jpg
Wide view new east side improvements Exit 11 interchange Photo Estate Media.jpg
Wide view new cable rail US 50.JPG
wide view new barrier NB I-25 split.jpg
Wide view Lyons Bridge Photo Billy Prescott 9 12 2022.jpg
wide view I-70 WB and Ward Rd intersection (2).jpg
Wide view guardrail installation on CO 14 .jpg
wide view grand street and walsen site of closure.JPG
Wide view girder placement northbound bridge
wide view girder placement June 29 photo Nick Bruce (1).jpeg
wide view finished Gallinas bridge (1).jpg
wide view finished Gallinas bridge.jpg