Eisenhower Tunnel Interesting Facts

Interesting facts about the Eisenhower Tunnel.
  • Traveling through the Tunnels the public saves 9.1 miles by not having to travel over U.S. Highway 6, Loveland Pass.
  • The electric bill averages approximately $70,000 per month.
  • The Tunnel operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week, employing 52 full-time employees with job duties that range from round the clock television surveillance, emergency response, tunnel washing, ventilation maintenance, tunnel sweeping, snow removal, heavy equipment servicing and repair, and water treatment.
  • In 2012 approximately 28,000 vehicles per day, or 10.7 million vehicles for the year, traveled through the Tunnels.
  • During construction approximately 1 million cubic yards of material was cleared from each bore.  190,000 cubic yards of concrete was used for each tunnel lining.
  • There were three fatalities on the first bore; four fatalities on the second bore.
  • The pilot bore was completed in 1964.  The Eisenhower Memorial Bore took five years to complete and was dedicated March 8, 1973.  The eastbound Edwin C. Johnson Bore took four years to complete and was dedicated December 21, 1979.