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Bow to the Plow

Snowplows need space to work, so to avoid causing a crash, delays or being stuck on a snow-covered road, don't crowd the plow!

There are three main dangerous maneuvers that all motorists should avoid around plows:

  1. Passing during tandem/echelon plowing — Tandem/echelon plowing staggers multiple plows to cover all lanes and clear the entire roadway in one sweep. This is the safest and most efficient snow removal method. It is extremely dangerous for motorists to try and pass plows in this formation because you could encounter white-out conditions and ridges of snow between lanes.
  2. Tailgating — Plows need to drop deicer and sand, so make sure you stay back three to four car lengths of space. If you’re too close, deicer and sand could hit your car. You also never know when a plow might need to suddenly stop — make sure you have plenty of room to do the same.
  3. Passing on the right — Never a good idea! Plows are designed to push all the snow, slush, rocks and other debris to the right of the plow. All that debris will could damage your car and temporarily blind you. 
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