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Winter Operations

Whether you live along the front range or in the high country, snowy conditions are inevitable during Colorado’s winter season. CDOT has a well-equipped team and the required resources to deploy when winter weather hits. 

The Work

To keep roads safe during winter weather, CDOT:  

  • Dispatches 950 maintenance trucks when winter storms approach 
  • Maintains, repairs and removes snow from 23,000 total lane miles of state highways 
  • Plows the equivalent of 6 million lane miles each year

The Cost 

Plowing snow and keeping Colorado roads safe during winter weather conditions comes at a price. CDOT spends about $69 million annually on snow removal alone. The tasks associated with winter operations are hefty and require funds for snow removal equipment and maintenance, supplies for treating the roadways, wages for employees, and more.  

The Team

Curious who clears Colorado’s snowy and icy winter roads?

  • CDOT operations teams include 1,800 trained personnel who work to clear Colorado’s highways and roadways 
  • CDOT operations personnel work around the clock – 12-hour shifts to be exact – and don’t stop until all routes are clear and safe to drive

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For each individual storm, CDOT begins preparing as soon as winter weather appears in the forecast. However, CDOT plans ahead to remain ready for snowy conditions year-round. For more information on what happens when the forecast calls for snow, visit our Snow Removal FAQs page.

CDOT regularly monitors the local weather forecast to determine the severity of winter weather. This allows the winter operations team time to plan for the type and quantity of equipment and crew members needed.

Taxpayer dollars are spent on:

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